Brent Arnold is a cellist and composer whose music incorporates electronics, unorthodox instrumental technique, and elements of rock, jazz, folk, North African, Persian, and Arabic music. He is a founding member of Ghost Quartet with Dave Malloy and worked closely with Louis C.K. to create music for the show Louie. He has played and collaborated with artists including The Antlers, Reggie Watts, Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney, DJ/Rupture, Filastine, Jherek Bischoff, Jessica Pavone, Sleater-Kinney, and Modest Mouse. He studied with violinist Michael White (Pharoah Sanders, John Handy) and cellist Walter Grey (Kronos Quartet). He currently resides in New York City.

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April 22 - Filastine & Brent Arnold @ La Apolo, c/ Nou de la Rambla 113 Barcelona, Spain

April 27 - Filastine & Brent Arnold, TBA, Barcelona, Spain

April 29 - Brent Arnold solo @ Gelegenheiten, Berlin, Germany

May 5 - Filastine & Brent Arnold, Festival Keroxen, Lanzarote, Las Canarias 



April 8 - New Water Music with Yotam Haber and the Louisiana Philharmonic, New Orleans, LA, USA

Feb 3 - Brent Arnold solo @ Molasses Books, 770 Hart St, Brooklyn, NY 8pm - Benefit for Texas Equal Access Fund


Dec 20 - with Baby Copperhead @ Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY

Dec 16 - Brent Arnold @ The Empty Vessel, Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY

Dec 10 - Brent Arnold & Not Waving But Drowning @ House of Collection, Brooklyn, NY
         Standing Rock Benefit

Oct 25-26 Carrie - immersive screening @ Little Cinema @ House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY

Aug 12 - Brent Arnold solo @ Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland

Aug 5-28 - Ghost Quartet @ Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland

July 29 - Ghost Quartet @ Maria Hernandez Park, Brooklyn

July 28 - Ghost Quartet @ Joe's Pub NYC

June 11 - Santa Fe, NM w/ Filastine

June 10 - Taos Mesa Brewery, Taos, NM w/ Filastine

May 15 - Three's Brewery w/ Baby Copperhead

May 7 - Brooklyn w/ Filastine

April 27 - Brent Arnold solo @ Viva La Musica, Kyoto, Japan

April 26 - Brent Arnold & Itoken @ Jinbocho Shichoshitsu, Tokyo, Japan

April 23 - Brent Arnold solo & workshop, Kult Kafe, Emily Hill, Singapore

April 16 - Brent Arnold solo, Malang, Indonesia

April 7-9 Ghost Quartet, Life in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

March 22 - Brent Arnold scores Sunrise (FW Murnau) - Little Cinema @ House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY

February 29 - Brent Arnold YOU ARE PSYCHIC music for strings & bells @ JACK, Brooklyn, NY